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July 128 Ways to Dump your bike (Part 2) Ron Peck PDF
June 128 Ways to Dump your bike (Part 1) Ron Peck PDF
May Road Construction - The pavement ends.. Ron Peck PDF
April Line Dancing-What Racer know? Ron Peck PDF
March Side Stands Ron Peck PDF
February First Aid Kits Cont. Ron Peck PDF
January First Aid Kits Ron Peck PDF

December Effects of Alcohol on the body Ron Peck PDF
November Hydroplanning Issues Ron Peck PDF
October Case Study, Killing a motorcyclist Ron Peck PDF
September Group Riding, still YOUR ride Ron Peck PDF
August Motorcycle Crisis, How to handle it Ron Peck PDF
July Intereting Driving Statistics Ron Peck PDF
June Heavier Bike vs. Stopping Distance Ron Peck PDF
May Practice, Practice, Practice Ron Peck PDF
April Be Prepared Ron Peck PDF
March Why you should TCLOCK your bike occasionally Ron Peck PDF
February Changing Lanes from the Front Ron Peck PDF
January Changing Lanes from the Rear Ron Peck PDF

December Winter Riding Ron Peck PDF
November Lane Changes Part 1 Ron Peck PDF
October Why we need the staggered formation Ron Peck PDF
September What NOT to say to a Police Officer Ron Peck PDF
August Heat Stroke and What to do about it. Ron Peck PDF
June You might be a SQUID!! Bob Reagle PDF
April Seasoned Rider Module Fact Sheet (Compliments MSF) Bob Reagle PDF
March Excessive Lean Angle Bob Reagle PDF
February Animal Hazards (compliments James R. Davis) Bob Reagle PDF
January New Accident Data (compliments Bob Reagle PDF

December I am Thankful!! Bob Reagle PDF
November Rider Education Levels Challenge Bob Reagle PDF
October Cold Weather Riding Bob Reagle PDF
September Wet Weather Riding Bob Reagle PDF
August When  your hot, your hot!! Bob Reagle PDF
July Free Lunch!! Bob Reagle PDF
July Group Riding Awareness Bob Reagle PDF
May Motorcycle Awareness Month Bob Reagle PDF
April Be Seen Be Safe (It is Your Responsibility) Bob Reagle PDF
March When will the Riding Season get here? (Part 3) Bob Reagle PDF
February When will the Riding Season get here? (Part 2) Bob Reagle PDF
January When will the Riding Season get here? Bob Reagle PDF

December Boring Farkle Bob Reagle PDF
November So Long Jim Roberson PDF
October New and High Tech Jim Roberson PDF
September Being A Good Team Member Part 3 Jim Roberson PDF
August Being A Good Team Member Part 2 Jim Roberson PDF
July None None PDF
June None None PDF
May Being A Good Team Member Jim Roberson PDF
April Gloves Jim Roberson PDF
March Communication Part 2 Jim Roberson PDF
February Communication, Communication, Communication Jim Roberson PDF
January Drowsy Driving Jim Roberson PDF

December Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Jim Roberson PDF
November Practice, Practice, Practice Jim Roberson PDF
October Watch What You’re Doing! Jim Roberson PDF
September Fall and Winter Riding Jim Roberson PDF
August Riding Within Your Ability and Limits Jim Roberson PDF
July Beating the Heat Jim Roberson PDF
June Dressing in Layers Jim Roberson PDF
May Safer Just by Signing Up? Jim Roberson PDF
April Time Flies Mark Caldwell PDF
March Watch Out For Us! Jim Roberson PDF
February No Article This Month None None
January Make Better Choices Mark Caldwell PDF

December Winters in the Northwest are Tricky Mark Caldwell PDF
November Managing Risk Jim Roberson PDF
October Start of the Rainy Season Jim Roberson PDF
September The New 1%ers Dave Preston PDF
August Protective Gear: What's Your Excuse? Mark Caldwell PDF
July Group Riding Lane Positioning Mark Caldwell PDF
Reader Letters Mark Caldwell PDF
June DIY Rider Education Mark Caldwell PDF
May Helmets and Riding Lessons Mark Caldwell PDF
April Safety is All in the Mind Mark Caldwell PDF
March False Authority Syndrome Mark Caldwell PDF
February Off to a Great Start Mark Caldwell PDF
January Group Riding Revisited Mark Caldwell PDF

December Safety Tidbits and Visibility Mark Caldwell PDF
November Cold Weather Riding Mark Caldwell PDF
October Lane Position Mark Caldwell PDF
SmarTire Tips - Part 4 John Bolegoh PDF
September SmarTire Tips - Part 3 John Bolegoh PDF
August 75 MPH Power Slide Mark Caldwell PDF
SmarTire Tips - Part 2 John Bolegoh PDF
July Stay Hydrated Mark Caldwell PDF
SmarTire Tips - Part 1 John Bolegoh PDF
June Sharp As a Razor Mark Caldwell PDF
May Understanding Friction Mike Hudnell PDF
April Parking Hazards Mark Caldwell PDF
February Group Riding Tips Mark Caldwell PDF

December How Much Experience do You REALLY Have? Mark Caldwell PDF
October Who's Looking Out for You? Mark Caldwell PDF
August CB-less in Seattle Mark Caldwell PDF
June Can You Lift 800 Pounds? Mark Caldwell PDF
Archive (pre-2003)

 Helmets: Get your head into it!


Group Riding (Courtesy of MSF)

Concepts of Countersteering

Cars, Motorcycles and a Common Road

Oblivious Guy (Courtesy of MSF)

Cold Weather Riding Prep

It could happen to you!!

Turning from a stop




Road Captain Course (7MB)

Rider Educator Handbook - Updated 06/2014


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